Styling Spring Florals For Winter

Winter Florals
Lumiere Dress (Similar here, here & here)| Brand Unknown Sweater (Similar)| Silence + Noise Scarf (Similar & handmade)| Known Supply Hat|Lucky Brand Boots (Similar)| Hobo Bag (Similar style)

So the first day of Winter 2018 starts in a few days – who else feels like winter OFFICIALLY starts the day after Thanksgiving? Even though it’s sunny and green here in California, everyone who’s grown up here and never left thinks it’s FREEZING right now. I’ll be the first to admit I hate being even slightly cold, but as someone who’s lived in an actually cold place – it’s basically still Spring weather over here.

Since Winter fashion in California is comparable to late spring/early fall fashion everywhere else, I won’t be doing any posts about the best boots or warm jackets – at least until I get to Colorado at the end of January!

However, since we get to play with layers longer on the west coast, I’ve been thinking of ways to get creative by mixing my warm weather wardrobe with my cold weather wardrobe. Florals are still a strong trend for Winter and going into next year, and I have a gorgeous goldenrod hued floral dress I got on sale at Therapy last season. The short sleeves and ruffles are very Spring, but it’s too pretty to leave hanging in the closet till next year!

I’m sure all have some Spring dresses sitting in your closet too – so give them some love! Styling Spring florals for Winter is super achievable. Here’s how I styled my floral dress for colder weather!

Add a sweater

You can throw a jacket or cardi over your dress, but adding a sweater makes it more of a real Winter outfit. You can play with texture and color like I did here – this deconstructed sweater has a fun multi-colored thread that looks really interesting against the bold color of the dress. You can go a couple of ways with this look depending on the length of your dress – mine is midi length, so I kept the sweater waist length to avoid looking bulky.  If your dress is shorter, use a chunky or oversized sweater for a cute cozy style! If you’re wearing a lighter weight sweater, you could add a belt over it too.

Winter Florals


This one is easy – boots add an obvious seasonal effect to your outfit. If it’s *actually* cold where you live, you can throw on leggings, tights, or thick socks too for another layering element. Basically any style of boot will work, and there are tons of styles on trend right now! Cowboy, slouch, thigh high – experiment and see what you like!

Scarf and hat

Adding a beanie and a statement scarf look great while you’re strolling around! I like the contrast of the knit texture with the floaty ruffly chiffon of this dress. Playing with texture adds a lot of interest to an outfit so don’t be afraid to try different things – like this gigantic chunky scarf! You can take off the scarf indoors and leave your beanie on for a cute look. Beanies are very Instagrammable and they are one of the most popular fashion accessories I’m seeing right now.

That’s it! It’s pretty simple really. Like most outfits, the right accessories are what makes it work.

Winter Florals

Just keep in mind, proportion will make or break this look. If you wear a long, full skirt with a big oversized sweater, a big huge scarf and a hat that’s more rugged than stylish, you’re going to look like Disney’s Anastasia before she gets princessed out. Keep your hat and scarf on the cute/trendy side so it looks purposeful. I chose a green beanie and scarf so they would coordinated – not like I grabbed what was closest to the door on the way out.

Likewise, consider your boot style with your skirt length. If you’re wearing a longer skirt, try an ankle boot that shows a little bit of your leg. I chose a tough looking platform combat boot by Lucky Brand – I’m channeling my 90’s teen self with this look. If you wear a slouchy or tall boot with a longer skirt, the look can become messy and awkward. However, if your skirt is shorter, throw on a cute mid calf slouch boot or a thigh high style! A shorter skirt looks cute with an oversized sweater, tights, and ankle boots too.

Winter Florals

I threw on this outfit for photos so I could write up the blog post, but I can’t wait to wear it out to the coffee shop and Farmer’s Market this weekends! I hope you dust off one of your spring dresses to give this look a try too. Let me know if you’re planning a Spring to Winter outfit in the comments!

Cheers – Rachel




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