6 fashion trends I’m skipping in 2019

Fashion trends I'm skipping in 2019
Fashion trends I'm skipping in 2019

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Although I wouldn’t say my style is trend driven, I still get excited about interesting new trends. Fashion and style are a creative outlet, and trying different things is part of what keeps getting dressed fun and fresh. I find trends interesting on a social level – they are a cultural snapshot. Trends are more than what they appear to be on the surface – often they are illustrative of what we’re experiencing and valuing as a culture. For example, power suits and shoulder pads in the 80’s were a statement from women who were joining the workforce in record numbers and demanded to be taken seriously.

That being said, there are a few trends that are projected to be huge in 2019 that I’m going to be skipping. Some of these don’t suit my personal style or body type, and some of them are just ugly as heck to me! 

The 6 trends I’m skipping in 2019

Photo: Vogue, Silvia Tcherassi 2019

Excessive ruffles

Ruffles of all types have been hot for the past couple of years, and they are projected to be big in 2019 too. And by big, I mean I am seeing a lot of ginormous sleeve ruffles, shoulder ruffles, and pant ruffles. As a person with large boobs, thick legs, and a tall frame, this ruffle overload makes me feel bulky and ridiculous.

What I’m doing instead

Wrap styles! All the texture and drape of ruffles, but super flattering for large boobs! Wrap tops and dresses seem to be everywhere right now and I am here for them. I’m loving this beautiful racer back tank top and this long sleeved shirt in 6 colors from Free People right now!

Baggy Jeans

Okay y’all, was a young teen in the 90’s and I already did the baggy jean trend. Who remembers JNCO’s?? Apparently carpenter and cargo pant detailing is coming back? NOPE. Can’t do it. Baggy pants make me feel sloppy and not cute.

What I’m doing instead

I am loving the paper bag style pants with cinched, ruffled waistband that has a tie belt. They look polished but relaxed – a great alternative. These ones from Amazon have great reviews, come in several colors, and are super affordable

Baggy jeans 2019
Photo: Collage Vintage
Paris Hilton low rise jeans

Low Rise Jeans

Again, I did this the first time. I was in my 20’s in the 2000 and I LIVED for low rise jeans. I’m pretty sure everyone I know saw my butt crack in the 2000’s. I feel comfortable that I got a lot of wear out of this trend a last decade, so I’m gonna pass on it in this one.

What I’m doing instead

I’m still going to be rocking the high waisted skinny jeans. I love a version with a button fly, like these ones from GAP. They are comfortable and look great on my body type – hourglass with a long waist. A pair of high waisted black skinny jeans is very slimming and looks fierce! Bonus, you can wear them with crop tops without the top of your underwear showing.

Bike Shorts

Oh, bike shorts. Oh, Kim K. Objectively, bike shorts look sexy and flattering – but I can’t do this as part of an everyday wardrobe. It’s just too much. I’d totally wear them to Burning Man or a cool event though!

What I’m doing instead

Okay, I’m considering getting some bike shorts but JUST for workouts! I think they would be comfortable and super cute for yoga class. Especially since James Charles just teased Sisters Apparel sportswear launching soon on his Instagram!

Bike shorts 2019

Dad Shoes

EWW. I’m so sorry – dad shoes are all over Instagram and Jeff loves them too. I know they are the fashion darling of the moment but I hate them so much. I already have huge feet – I do NOT need a shoe that makes them look bigger.

What I’m doing instead

Sleek sneakers look great for athleisure looks! I do love the mix of daywear with athletic shoes – like a long pencil skirt with a cute sneaker. It’s a fun streetwear style and it’s also super comfortable! These sneakers from Nike and these ones from Adidas are on my wish list.

Bushy Eyebrows

According to the internet, bushy, messy eyebrows are hot in 2019. (Although I feel like Instagram girls feel otherwise – I still see a LOT of sharp brows in my feed.) The messy brow trend is a large brow with lots of visible hairs, either brushed up for maximum bushyness or drawn on. This brow trend does not give me glam vibes at all.

What I’m doing instead

I was born with naturally thick brows. I was a little too young for makeup when skinny brows were huge in the early 90’s, so I never over-plucked mine. Now I pluck them so I have an arch, instead of a straight boy brow, and I like to define them with a dark brow gel. I’m currently using Kat Von D Super Brow in Walnut – which I love. (I’m also going to get Aubergine for a fun red brow that goes with my hair!) I’m happy where they are now – not quite an Instagram brow, but still dramatic.

Bushy eyebrow trend 2019

What trends are you saying “thank you, next” to in 2019? Let me know in comments!

Cheers – Rachel




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