6 products to organize your closet that you can order on Amazon while you drink wine

6 products to organize your closet that you can order on Amazon
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Wow you guys! The move is days away and we are all packed up. It definitely feels like we’re squatting as the house is empty and we’re living out of suitcases! I’m going to miss this sweet little house – it was me and Jeff’s first home together and we’ve had so many good times here.

One thing I will NOT miss is the tiny, mid century reach-in closets. Since we are both fashion people, the one small closet in our room barely held jeff’s clothes. He had to store his shoes in the hallway, and his coats and sweaters heaped on our poor hat rack – this house doesn’t even have a coat closet. My clothes were stored on a standing rack, and in the closet and dresser I kept in the spare bedroom.

The house we are moving into doesn’t have walk in closets (someday!) but it does have much larger reach in closets which I am so looking forward to. Since I’m feeling antsy and unsettled, I’ve been doing some online window shopping and planning my closet domination for the future. I am going to have a gorgeously organized closet, damn it! Here’s six products on Amazon I’m going to use to make my closet Pinterest – worthy in the new house!

Rope Storage Bin

I like storing towels, laundry, blankets and other items that get used frequently in bins. This two tone rope basket is a lot cuter than a plastic tub! And it’s easier to store too – it’s soft so it can fold up if it’s empty. Two handles on the sides make it easy to pick up and lug back and forth to the laundry room. Another bonus – it won’t crack. With two teenage boys, all of my plastic laundry baskets end up cracked and broken.

Velvet Hangers + Drawer Organizers

Velvet hangers are great because clothes don’t slip off as easily. I’ve used them for years now and I won’t go back. We donated all of our hangers to the local Goodwill – so I’ll need new ones in Colorado. This set of 50 comes with bonus drawer organizers! I love the cream colored ones, but you can also get this set with black hangers if that’s your jam.

Rose Gold Jewelry Organizer

I seriously need to up my jewelry organization game. My method has been to pile my jewelry on every available surface, which leads to lost earrings and misplaced items. I love that this one hangs on the wall, so my stuff is on display and easily found. This jewelry organizer has spots for all different types of jewelry, and a little shelf on top. It comes in rose gold (my fave) and silver.

Nesting Basket Set

This nesting basket set looks seriously useful for storing all kinds of odds and ends in the top of the closet. It’s amazing how much of a difference putting your random piles in coordinating bins makes! I love these white ones but they aren’t available for Prime right now – but they also make 4 other neutral colors. If these ones aren’t restocked, I’ll get the tan ones. 

Hanging Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is always a problem. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of them for the move, but let’s face it – that just means I’m going to buy more. And Jeff always has a lot of shoes too – (more than me!!) This hanging shoe organizer looks like a great solution. It holds 30 pairs of shoes and it’s only 20 bucks! Now we just have to keep to 30 pairs of shoes – each.

Motion Sensor Lights

Not really for organization, but super useful – these motion sensor lights go on when you open the closet door. They make it SO much easier to see what’s in there – especially when you’re trying to get dressed early in the morning. They last a long time until the batteries need to be changed. We have put them in the linen closet and laundry room too – it’s just super convenient to have a light automatically go on when you’re looking for something. 

Nothing feels better to me than a fresh start – I can’t wait to get to the new house and organize and decorate everything from scratch. When Jeff and I moved in together we combined our households, and there was a lot of unnecessary stuff from our old lives still hanging around. This move has given us a great reason to move forward with a clean(er) slate!

I know a lot of people have been KonMari-ing their closets lately too – how about you? Any favorite storage ideas or products I should know about? Let me know in comments!

Cheers – Rachel

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2 responses to “6 products to organize your closet that you can order on Amazon while you drink wine”

  1. Sarah says:

    Great suggestions, I have a big board covered in velvet and hung on the wall. I use large quilting pins and have all my jewelry hung up (which is also fun to see and helps me notice which pieces I don’t really wear). The little hanging organizer would be great in my bathroom though for when I am taking everything off to wash my face at night! And I too love velvet hangers- that set is a steal and I might have to pick up more. I’m converting from my old plastic hangers at the moment.

    • Rachel says:

      I love your velvet board too. I might make one just for necklaces or earrings – it’s also decorative! I recommend taking an hour or so to revamp your hanger situation. Getting rid of all the assorted crappy and mismatched hangers is awesome.




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