9 fluffy, velvety and plush things on sale at Nordstrom right now

9 fluffy, velvety and plush things on sale at Nordstrom right now
9 fluffy, velvety and plush things on sale at Nordstrom right now

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My house is in total disarray with the move to Colorado less than two weeks away – what isn’t packed up is mostly going to be sold or donated before we leave. Needless to say, the house is feeling a little cold and barren – not cozy and comfy! It’s been a rainy week, and my lone candle that I have lit to keep a cheerful vibe while I work from home is all I have to keep the gloom away.

I’ll be moving into a new home right in the middle of winter too – I really haven’t had to contend with snow in 8 years! All this gloom and chill has me looking at warm and cozy home decor for a little escapism.

I can’t wait to start decorating the new place and filling it with beautiful furnishings. Minimalism is trending out for home decor, and Maximalism with texture, color and pattern is in. That means velvet, fur, and other high-pile fabrics are hot in 2019 – and I am here for them. I’ve never been a fan of minimalism! I’ve put together a list of 9 fluffy, velvety and plush home decor items I’m coveting that are on sale at Nordstrom right now!

Velvet Knot Pillow

40% off!

Its a pillow that’s also a big, velvety knot! This looks like a monkey fist knot, but it’s probably not – I used to know how to tie one, but I have totally forgotten. 

I love how unique this pillow is. This would look extremely cool in a big pile of assorted pillows on the couch or bed. It also looks like it would be great to throw it at my kids/husband – heh heh!

I can’t tell from the photos, but I hope it’s super soft and squishy. It’s available in this pretty maroon and also a really nice teal!

Soft Ribbed Plush Throw

20% off

Ooooh this is such a snuggly looking blanket! I imagine cuddling up on the couch in this blanket while I work on my laptop. Or actually read a real book!

This blanket comes in 6 different colors – I’m having a had time choosing between the pink one or this pretty grey and cream one. However, I already have a of pink stuff and I’m pretty sure Jeff doesn’t want to live in an all pink home. 

Curly Faux Fur Rug

  •  20% off

This gorgeous cream faux fur rug is 6 feet long! It would look amazing in a hallway or between the couch and coffee table. 

It looks so lovely, thick and soft – I want to put my feet on it or even lay down on it! My best friend had a beautiful sheepskin rug in college that was so incredibly soft and looked like this rug. We used to lay on it in her apartment and play video games, draw, and chat. 

My only concern would be the rug slipping and sliding on hardwood floors, so you would have to anchor it down with carpet tape. Otherwise, you might be an accidental surfer!

Pom Pom Accent Pillow

  • 40% off

You guys. It is a pillow, covered in soft, fluffy pom poms. What is not to like.

It is $60 on sale, which is not at all cheap – but it is made of wool and silk, with a cotton backing so that’s justified in my opinion. No cheap polyester or acrylic yarn! 

Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw

  • 20% off

At $30, this gorgeous throw blanket is a bit more affodable. It looks incredibly soft and plush! I love the twisted fringe hem too – it adds such a nice texture. This is definitely a Maximalist decor piece!

Not only is it affordable and super soft, but this throw blanket comes in an amazing 26 different colors! There are bright shades like golden yellow and a rusty orange to neutrals like cream and grey – or this lovely sage green.

You could get multiple ones for different rooms! Christmas is over, but this would also make a super nice gift. 


Faux Fur Drum Pouf

  • 40% off

Poof seats are such a nice addition to any room – they are portable and super comfy to lounge on. As a mom with teens, who frequently have other teens over to visit, this is exactly the kind of furniture I like to have around.

And when the teens aren’t home I can use it to lounge around and draw on my ipad. It’s available in burgundy and cream.

Cuddle Up Faux Fur Pillow

  • 50% off

You guys! This pillow was available in two colors – this one and a beautiful rose pink – but the pink has already sold out! I love this beautiful soft silvery grey too though. 

This pillow looks like it is made from the softest faux fur – I just want to pet it! 

Faux Fur Throw

  • 40% off

Here’s another gloriously fuzzy faux fur throw blanket. I love the frosted ends of the fur, it gives it such a beautiful and elegant appearance. 

The back looks like its made of a soft plush fabric too, making this throw extra soft and cuddly! This would look stunning draped over the back of the sofa or on the end of the bed. If you could even stop wearing it! I would have a hard time not wearing this around the house like a cape.

This throw is available in this lovely peachy pink color and an equally beautiful seafoam green color. 

Flower Shaped Accent Pillow

  • 20% off

And last but not least, this super pretty and velvety flower shaped pillow! I am getting major spring vibes from this cute pillow. It might be enough to hold me over until spring actually arrives!

This pillow is made from natural fibers – a blend of viscose (bamboo) and cotton – viscose is very soft and it probably has a very luxe velvety feeling to it. I want it!

Well, that’s probably more than enough shopping inpo! Nordstrom actually has a bunch of other furry and plush items on sale right now too, if this isn’t enough for you.

Also, I’m curious to know – what are your thoughts on the Maximalism decor trend? Are you ready for more is more, or will you be sticking with a Minimalist style for your home? 

Cheers – Rachel

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2 responses to “9 fluffy, velvety and plush things on sale at Nordstrom right now”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love that Kennebunk plush throw! I have never been a minimalist and never will be. I go for the lived in look, Eldorado having three kids.

    • Lang Rachel says:

      I know I want so many colors of that plush throw! ALL OF THEM. I aspire to an Apartment Therapy level of decor, but I think “lived in” is definitely a more accurate description…




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