"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

-Mae West


Howdy - I'm Rachel

I'm an illustrator and surface pattern designer - among other things. I create textile designs for Bebe Au Lait, an international company that sells adorable baby products and chic cover-ups for nursing moms. 

Making stuff is what I do.

I grew up in the Mojave desert with no electricity or running water. Yes, it was weird. My family is a bunch of wierdos. (The best kind) We used oil lamps and candles for light. Since I didn't have TV or video games, I spent a lot of time reading, drawing, and making things. I learned to sew on a vintage treadle sewing machine, and I made my own outfit for the first day of 6th grade. It was an amazing vest and shorts combo made of red plaid with a big floral border. This was the 90's.

Fast forward to today, and a lot's changed. I live in Silicon Valley and make my living doing digital design. I use a dozen software programs and web apps every day, and I can switch effortlessly between Mac and PC. I do yoga. I have a family - a husband, 2 teens, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a Pomeranian. I go to Burning Man.

(That's where the name SparklePriestess comes from - ask me about it if you want to know.)

Some things haven't changed though - I still sew my clothes, I still love drawing

...and I still don't have air conditioning. 

My passion for making extends to all areas of my life. I love the creativity of crafting my clothing, as well as curating styles sourced from manufactures. I'm into slow fashion - the process of thoughtfully creating a wardrobe that's based on lasting value and self-expression. That doesn't mean I don't shop - it means I'm mindful when I do shop. I often thrift or buy from small brands and boutiques. I like to carefully plan my wardrobe, including color palettes, silhouettes, fabrics - and the general vibe of the look I want to express. I find that having this kind of relationship with my clothing is a kind of self examination that allows me to delve deeper into my own psyche - there's a lot of thought that goes into my appearance! 

That includes my hair and makeup - I'm a huge makeup lover! I have a massive collection and I love being artistic and creating fun new looks. I've been dying my hair for over a decade - it's been all colors of the rainbow, sometimes all at once! Although I've calmed down a little on the bright colors, I still love playing with my hair. Trying new hair, makeup, and skincare products is a hobby that I really enjoy. 

Drawing, painting, and designing digitally is second nature to me. I don't go a day without opening Photoshop or Illustrator, sketching or painting. Not only is it how I make a living, but it's also my therapy! Most of my illustrations and designs have a story behind them - a dream, a story I read, or something beautiful I saw on a walk. I'm entranced by nature and I often draw from plants, flowers and animals in my work. To me, artwork is a kind of magic -it allows me to manifest and express my thoughts and feelings in a special way.

I've spent many years crafting a magical and meaningful life, and I'm still on the journey to learn more! Join me and I'll take you along with me as I sew, style, shop, draw, paint, design and make! I'll teach you how to do the things I'm doing, and share my inspiration, my insight, and my encouragement.