"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

-Mae West


Howdy! I’m Rachel - A.K.A SparklePriestess!

That nickname comes from Burning Man - and if you want to know more about it, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll tell you the story behind it.

Fashion and style is my lifelong passion - even when I was a messy-haired tomboy kid. When I was in second grade, I ripped the knees of my jeans so they would be perfectly tough looking. (My mom threw them away, to my dismay!) 

For the first day of 6th grade, I made my own outfit - a shorts and oversized vest combo in red plaid with a big floral border print. (This was the 90’s)

Today, I’m not really rocking the shorts and vest combo anymore, but I do love a good ripped jean. I’m a 30-something mom, designer, and artist - I sew clothing and design fabric patterns, among other creative pursuits. I blend my creative taste in fashion with a fairly low key lifestyle - with the occasional crazy event or party thrown in.

I’m deeply passionate about fashion and personal style - from clothing construction and detail to shopping local, finding a great thrift store deal, or styling the latest tends just right.

I love sharing the things that excite me with my community - where I’m shopping, what I’m making, and what’s making me take a million selfies for Instagram. My inside knowledge of how clothing is made, as well as my designer’s insight into color, pattern, and trend analysis mean I’m the one my friends turn to for fashion advice. And I couldn’t be happier about that! Nothing makes me smile more than seeing someone else feeling great about themselves!

So if you’re into all of this, follow along on the blog or on my Instagram and we can chat about fashion, style and beauty!

Cheers - Rachel