Finally, I can unpack my makeup – check out my new vanity setup from Amazon!

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I finally got my new vanity set up! I have been dying without a dedicated makeup space. I ordered my mirror, desk, and stool from Amazon – check out how cute my setup is now!

My makeup has literally been packed up for about two months. I boxed up everything but a small amount of daily makeup well before we moved. I’ve been putting on my makeup in the bathroom mirror this whole time, which I freaking hate. I feel like most people do this normally, but I like to sit down, put on a podcast, and devote some serious time to my makeup routine. And I love having my stuff on display – I’ve spent a lot of time and money collecting it, and I want to look at it all!

Vanity table from Amazon

The cute moto joggers I’m wearing are RecoveryWear! I made the shirt.

Since we ditched all our furniture before we moved, I knew that this would be my opportunity to get a vanity I really love. Previously, I’ve kept my large makeup collection in pull-out drawers by my makeup table – but I want to cut down on clutter in my room. I also went through my makeup collection and pared it down to about half before we moved, so I don’t need that much extra space for it.

However, I still have quite a bit of makeup, so I wanted to get a desk with big drawers and a stool that had hidden storage in it.

I also wanted to invest in a vanity mirror with lights! I’ve wanted one for a long time. I do detailed looks, and I’m not getting any younger.

After searching around on several home goods websites, I realized that just ordering on Amazon would be the cheapest option with the most selection. (Amazon has me for life)

My makeup desk is a cool, modern design with two big pullout drawers, brass look legs, and circular desk pulls. It arrived flat packed, and I put it together all by myself! It was fairly easy – I took it slow. The construction is fairly similar to an IKEA type desk, so not rocket science. It’s really sturdy – I was impressed! I spent a little under $200 on it.

I love the way it looks – it will blend with any kind of decor Jeff and I have over the next several years. The drawers definitely hold a lot of makeup – I was able to fit everything in. The table top surface is big enough for all of my stuff as well.

My LED makeup mirror is my new baby! It shipped super fast and extremely well protected. It was around $100 – a little investment but not too expensive.  I love the size – it’s not so big it takes up too much space (since I have to put it right in front of my window) but it’s definitely large enough to see everything I need to when I’m applying makeup. It’s also got touch controls – amazing! There are haptic buttons on the bottom to turn it on and off with a tap. You can also switch between three light shades! It can do warm, cool, and neutral light so you can see what your makeup looks like in different situations. LOVE!!!

This adorable stool I got looks like a plush suitcase! It’s so cute and quirky. I got mine in bright yellow (my spirit color for 2019) but there are 7 other colors you can choose from! It was around $60 and it’s very comfortable. It’s a nice size too – and very sturdy. I put my extra bags and brushes and my Burning Man makeup inside.

Storage bench Amazon

I picked up this beautiful rug from a local consignment shop called Refuge. I love the texture and the faint geometric pattern. I’m trying to not make the room too girlie while Jeff isn’t here to help make buying decisions, so hopefully the pale magenta threads are subtle enough!

My clear plastic makeup organizers all came from Ross – you can always find them there and at TJ MAXX for very reasonable prices.

The star lamp came from Peppercorn in Boulder, but you can also order them on Amazon.

lighted vanity mirror Amazon

I’m incredibly happy with all my Amazon vanity purchases, but I have to share a big old fail too. I ordered a large full length floor mirror at the same time as my other purchases. I have been without a full length mirror for months and tbh, I don’t know how I’ve made it this far. Anyways, the mirror I ordered was a huge piece of junk.

It was advertised as sturdy and high quality – but it was in actuality flimsy and crappy. The mitred corners were all pulling apart and cracked, and them mirror frame was made out of some kind of foamy plastic. I immediately put in a refund request and sent pictures. Luckily, my refund was issued right away.

I guess you can’t win them all, but at least I got my money back!

Now that I actually have a decent place to do and photograph my makeup, I will be posting more lewks on my Instagram than I have been.

I have one more exciting thing to share with y’all – I am going to New York this weekend for the International Beauty Show with my new team at FashionEco! We are going together to network and introduce people to our fashion community startup. It’s going to be a fabulous time and you can bet your buns I will be looking extra fierce! So keep an eye on my IG stories for updates!

Cheers – Rachel

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  1. Sarah says:

    Love your set up! That bench is super cute.




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