A Glam Holiday Party Look

Holiday party look 2018 - SparklePriestess

PaperDoll Dress (Similar) Sam Edelman Shoes (Similar) Acrylic Clutch (Similar) Bebe Faux Fur Jacket (on Poshmark)

I always love getting dressed up for holiday parties! When Jeff reminded me that his company’s holiday party was coming up, it struck me that I didn’t have a suitable dress to wear. We’ve been planning our move to Colorado and I downsized my wardrobe considerably - and most of my non-essential clothing is packed up. I usually like to make a new cocktail dress for seasonal parties, but I simply don’t have the time or space this year - all my sewing gear is packed up too!

Not wanting to drop a lot of money on a new dress to wear to a few occasions, I went over to the Nordstrom Rack to look for a deal. I tried on several dresses, ranging from designer brands to cheaper ready to wear options. The one that looked the best was the cheapest - A emerald green bodycon dress that was marked down to $8! Yes, less than $10. That’s cheaper than getting two Philz coffees on Saturday morning!

I’d just like to point out that labels don’t always guarantee quality. This green bodycon dress is by a brand called Paperdoll - it’s a RTW brand found at places like Nordstrom Rack, not a stand alone brand. It is made of ponte knit - a durable, thicker knit fabric. It’s certainly not couture but it’s nicely made and well fitting. I tried on a much more expensive Rebecca Minkoff dress and the fabric was much thinner and poor quality - it hadn’t even left the store and was already starting to pill up. If you learn to evaluate clothing based on construction and fabric quality, you can pick out better pieces even if they don’t come with an expensive name.

Green bodycon dress - SparklePriestess

I paired the dress with my nude suede Sam Edelman pumps - I love these shoes, they are a classic that goes with everything. I get a good solid 4 hours of wear in them before my feet can’t take it anymore. This is not the fault of the shoes - they are very comfortable and I find Sam Edelman shoe to be very well made. It’s simply that I wore cheap sky high heels every day of my 20’s and my feet are now in terrible shape. I’m definitely going to have to have surgery at some point. Do I regret my choices? Heck no.

Holiday party look flatlay - SparklePriestess

I love this cool acrylic clutch that Jeff got for me a few years ago! It holds my phone, cards, and lipstick and it goes with a surprising number of outfits. The necklace, bracelet and earrings are all from my Rocksbox subscripton - I’ve had the service for 9 months now and I love it.

Green bodycon dress selfie - SparklePriestess

I had to take a selfie in the bathroom - the lighting was just too good! Let’s chat about undergarments, shall we? Although this dress is made of a sturdier fabric, it’s still a pretty tight bodycon dress. I didn’t want any panty line or “extra details” showing, so I wore a Spanx body shaper underneath it. Aside from the extra smoothing (always nice) I felt super comfortable walking around chatting with Jeff’s colleagues, knowing that no one could see any thong lines. I also wore my Thirdlove 24/7 Plunge Bra - I’ve been considering this brand for a long time and I finally took the plunge and ordered one. This brand is all over social media right now, promising to have a fit for any breast size and shape and be super comfortable. Since I have implants, it can be a struggle to find a bra that fits. Aside from having a large cup size and a small band size, which not every brand carries (AHEM Victoria’s Secret) - implant breast shape is different from natural - mine are super round and don’t have that squish that real boobs do, so they tend to overflow in the front, leaving a bulge. I have to say, the Thirdlove bra is EXTREMELY comfortable and fits really well. There is still some cup overflow with this style - which doesn’t show in a low cut bodice like this dress, but definitely does in a tee shirt. I’ll have to see if they have a better style for tee shirts.

Overall I’m extremely happy with this look! With the purchase of the body shaper, it was still very inexpensive and I was able to make use of the shoes, jacket and clutch I already own. I’m trying not to accumulate more stuff, since I need to move it all across a few states!

How about you? Attending any holiday parties? What looks are you into right now for holiday attire? Share in the comments!

Cheers - Rachel