How to make an Instagram puzzle feed using my free Photoshop template!

Heeeeey squad! I'm so excited to share this tutorial with you! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been posting an awesome puzzle feed for the past week. A puzzle feed is where your instagram feed is made up of interlocking images that all build up into one big collage - like a puzzle! I've gotten so many comments and DM's about it, I decided to show y'all how it's done. 

Now, you need Photoshop to use this template - but you don't have to be a Photoshop wiz. I've set everything up and created a set of instructions so you can just drop in your own photos and export!

This Instagram puzzle feed template creates a 12 post puzzle feed with a soft feminine design!

Puzzle feed example image.jpg

I used neutral background and light pink accents, as well as my own hand painted black and white watercolor florals from my Elegant Black & White Floral asset pack!

Your friends will definitely ask what your secret is when they see your puzzle feed - and I hope you share it with them! I love helping people express their creative side. 

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I've created an easy to follow YouTube video that walks you through the whole process of using my template - but you can also read on below for written instructions.

Please remember that this Photoshop template is for personal use only! Feel free to use it as much as you want, but don't share it with anyone, post it online, or sell it. If you know someone who would love it, send them to my blog! <3

How to make an Instagram puzzle feed using my free Photoshop template

So first things first - you're going to need 11 of your own photos for this layout. I used free stock photos from Unsplash for the template. It's helpful if your photos are all edited with the same filters so they look great together. I used a neutral but feminine theme for this template, so most things from my usual audience (stylish ladies) should work well with it.

You can see from looking at the template that some of the photos are square, some are landscape and some are portrait, so have a variety that can work in different formats. The beauty of the puzzle feed comes from the overlapping images across each post. 

Put all of your images together in a folder on your computer, where you can easily access them.

Open up your template in Photoshop. You will see guides making a grid across the layout and some funny numbers in the top left corner of each section. These are supposed to be there -- they are the "slices" of the layout - so you can export each individual image. I've locked the guides - don't unlock or move them, or the images won't slice correctly.

As I mentioned, the template has stock photos placed inside - this is where you can add your own images! Each photo is a "Smart Object" - this is a really cool object that can be updated inside the file. You will see in the layers panel that there are several layers named "Photo 1 - replace" and so on. These are the Smart Objects. 

To see which photo you are editing, simply click the little eye on the layer to turn it off and on again. To edit the photo, double click on the little Smart Object icon on the layer. You'll know what it is because when you hover your mouse over it, a yellow callout appears that says "Smart Object thumbnail."

When you double click, it will open the Smart Object in a new window. To add your photo to it, go to File>Place Embedded and choose one of your own photos from the file you created earlier.

Resize the image to fit and then hit Enter. Hit CTRL+S to save it. Now go back to your template file - the photo has been updated! Magic! You can close the Smart Object window. 

Do the same thing for all of the other Smart Object photos.

I've also included two quotes - these are easily editable text. Just select the type tool from the menu and you can edit the color or font, or change the quote to something else.

When you've placed all your photos and edited the text, it's time to save for Instagram!

First of all, you need to tell Photoshop that you want to export the slices. Go to the crop tool menu in the left toolbar and select the slice tool. At the top menu bar you will see a button that says "Slices from Guides" - hit that button.

Now go to File>Export>Save for Web.

In the Popup window, select JPEG files at Medium or High resolution. Hit Save. Here you will get another popup - don't change the file name. Select the folder you want to save to. The other settings should say Format>Images only, Settings>Default Settings and Slices>All Slices. Hit save.

Now go check the folder you saved to! Inside will be a folder marked "Images" and it will have 12 perfectly prepared Instagram photos for your puzzle feed!

You can upload them to your phone - I use iCloud but Google Drive or Dropbox will also work. 

It's easier to post them if you use a planning app - I use Preview. You can upload all the images and arrange them before posting - some apps will also let you schedule!

And that's all there is to it! After you get the hang of it you will have no problem. 

You guys! I am so excited to see all of your puzzle feeds. Please tag me at #SPpuzzlefeed and I will share your puzzle feeds on my Insta stories!

It takes me hours and hours to make these templates and tutorials so I would greatly appreciate if you would share this as well! <3

As always, if you have any questions please ask in comments and I will help you out. 

Have an amazing week everyone!

XO - Rachel