Cozy winter favorites!

Cozy winter favoriresChampion pullover | Converse X Miley Cyrus sweats (similar ) | Kate Spade phone case

Cozy is a big lifestyle trend right now – as I’m sure you’ve noticed! All things fluffy, fuzzy, warm and cozy are in style and popping up all over social media. I, for one, am super on board. Although I love people and getting out in nature, I’m a homebody at heart and I love to be at home chillin and making things. Add in the fact that I work remote, so I’m inside my house most of the day for work – and it makes sense to have the house be a comfy and relaxing place to be.

Also can we please talk about how “Millennial Pink” has been “going out of style finally” for seasons now? I’m sorry but no. It’s still awesome. It looks great on everyone and I love it. I loved it before it was hot and I’m gonna keep on loving it after. Fight me! I think next season’s version will lean more peach, however – a much lighter and more muted shade of the new Pantone Color of the Year. I am pretty excited to pair it up with new shades this spring though. I’m thinking terra cotta, the new coral, bright yellow and sage green will be interesting combos!

Anywhoo, I got this amazing cozy fleece pullover at Target a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it on repeat. It’s so soft and comfy and the front pocket holds my phone. I wanted to share it with y’all, along with some other great cozy picks to keep you toasty until spring!

Reading is so cozy on a cold winter day

In case an overdose of pink isn’t your thing, these ones on Amazon have good reviews and come in other colors!

Now, these joggers were LE Converse x Miley Cyrus and they are sold out – I couldn’t find a pair on the secondhand market to share either. They are awesome and I love them – the bandana print is unique and the stripe up the side reminds me of pants I owned in the 90’s. Nostalgia! The are fleece lined on the inside and have a classic sweatpants cut – baggy with drawstring waist and gathered ankles. Honestly it was so hard to find some to share that have a comparable style. There are no pink bandana print sweatpants anywhere on the internet that I can find – not even Amazon! These ones have a similar fit and lots of color options though.

Cute pink fuzzy pullover

The keep your couch cozy and chillax ready, you can add a fluffy pillows like the ones we have. (Sammy matches them which is hilarious. He also loves to lay on them) These ones from Cost Plus World Market are super cute and on sale for only $10!

Fluffy throw blankets are also key. We have several but they get distributed to various teenage rooms and hoarded, so I keep my eyes peeled for more. These ones are extra big and come in a bunch of different colors! And this one is double sided and super soft looking. It’s only available in the soft cream color, but let’s face it – that color is perfect for Instagram.

Another thing I always have on hand in the colder months is tea. I love my coffee, but I don’t typically drink 8 cups a day. It’s 2 cups in the morning and then I drink several cups of tea while I’m working and then when I’m relaxing in the evening. I’ve been really into the Mighty Leaf teas – they have a great flavor. My favorite is Chamomile Citrus. I have a bunch of coffee cups I like to drink out of – It’s somehow more relaxing to drink out of a cup I like. I’m kind of picky about the size and handle shape. Does anyone else do that?? This one is from Target and it says Hello Gorgeous on it, which makes me feel fancy. <3 And it’s only $6!

Cozy favorites for winter

Favorite cozy chilling activities include reading – sometimes a “real” book and sometimes on my iPad using the Kindle app. I’m way less motivated to go outdoors if it’s even slightly chilly, so it’s a great time to catch up on my reading! I also like to check out blogs and news articles about the latest paleontology finds!

And of course, I do a lot of digital activities while I’m curled up with Sammy. I love scrolling through and Poshmark to get fashion inspo, watching art tutorials on Skillshare or Youtube, and drawing on my iPad.

What are your favorite cozy chill time activities? Let me know in comments! And if you want any good recommendations for cool Skillshare classes I am happy to tell you some of my faves.

Cheers! – Rachel

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  1. Sarah says:

    I have a big fat kitty to help me be cozy, but I really wish we had a fire place. We have talked about putting a little wood stove, which puts out a lot of heat and doesn’t have to have a big foot print. Someday soon, but for now I am following in your footsteps with blankets, sweaters, and coffee!




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