How to use Poshmark to get designer clothes at cheap prices

How to use Poshmark

Lucky Brand Ava Jeans | Koto geometric cardigan (similar) | Hem & Thread hoodie (similar) Frye boots

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Today I was back on Poshmark stalking some really cute Brixton baker’s caps. I saw a gorgeous red one in Nordstrom last month and I knew I could find it for a cheaper price on Poshmark. Sure enough, there are a ton of listings for different colors of the hat I want! Now I have to decide which one I want. I love getting a deal – and I’m sure you do to. So today I’m going to share how to use Poshmark to get designer clothes at cheaper prices than retail. Like my Frye Melissa Logo boots!

Frye boots found on Poshmark

Poshmark is a resale marketplace website and app.

Most people use the app – it’s a free download and it’s easy to use. After you download it, you set up an account with details that include brands you like, your clothing sizes, and a short bio. Poshmark is also a social site – sort of.

People who sell on the app list their clothing in a “closet” which is basically their storefront. Every account has a built in closet – you can use it if you want to sell, or not if you just want to shop. On Poshmark, you follow people to see the new items they post in their closets. You can comment on clothing items to ask about features – that’s about as social as it gets.

You can buy all sorts of things on Poshmark – from clothing for men, women, and children to accessories and makeup. People list high and low end items – but in my opinion, it’s best to use Poshmark to get designer clothes at cheap prices. I would only buy Forever 21 or other cheap clothing items if it was a sold-out style that I was coveting for some reason.

Poshmark is pretty reputable, but like eBay, it’s a little bit buyer AND seller beware. The site runs on Posh Etiquette – basically they rely on the community to police itself. There is buyer protection – you have a few days after receiving an item you purchase to review it and you can send it back for free if it’s not as described.

To get started shopping on Poshmark, first set up an account.

It’s pretty easy – they guide you through it. Then you can start searching for clothing to buy! There are several different ways to search. You can search by broad categories such as Women>Accessories. You can also search by size, such as Plus Size or Petite. You can search by brand, or by typing in search terms such as “fuzzy cardigan.” Poshmark will show you options in the size you set in your profile, so you don’t have to sort through a bunch of irrelevant items. You can search by color, and even by location or the college you attend! They also have “showrooms” which are collections of items by type – such as Teddy jackets. In short, there are dozens of ways for you to browse.

If you find an item you love, you can click to the seller’s profile and see if they have other clothing you like. If they have a great closet, you can follow them – then you will see updates when they list new items.

As I said, I use Poshmark to find designer clothing at great prices – like my Frye Melissa Logo Boot. This black and brown boot with the cut out logo detail is a sold out style, and I was able to find my size for a couple of hundred dollars less than retail.

Layered cardigans and boots in Louisville Colorado

I find designer items by following brands I love – such as Frye, Freebird, Susana Monaco, and Free People. These are brands that have price points higher than what I want to spend if I can help it. Since Poshmark is a resale market, items are listed at much lower than retail – even if they still have tags on. I can browse listings to see if anything catches my eye from a designer brand I love.

I also use Poshmark to search for items I see in store – like the Brixton hat. Odds are good that someone has purchased it and didn’t love it, so they are trying to unload it on Poshmark. If you find a designer item in store that you love, check Poshmark first!

Once I find an item I want, I make sure to “like” it. This is exactly like Facebook or Instagram – there’s a little heart icon you can tap. This does 2 things – it saves the icon in a list for you to go back to, and it notifies the buyer that you liked the item.

Since Poshmark buyers are motivated to sell, they will usually send a discount offer to people who like things. This can vary from free shipping to a percentage off – it’s up to the buyer. But this is a great way to get even more discount on the item. I typically wait a day or so to see if the seller will offer a discount.

You can also send the seller an offer on the item that’s below what’s listed. The seller can either accept, counter, or decline you offer. If I send an offer, I make sure that it’s a reasonable offer, such as 15% off the list price. I would never ask for a crazy discount like half off- it’s rude.

One more great way to save is to create a bundle. Many sellers offer an additional discount on bundled offers – if you purchase 2 or more items from their closet. I have gotten great deals by bundling some items and then sending the seller an offer that was a bit below the bundled price – most sellers will accept and you can recoup the shipping cost like that.

Getting your items

After your purchase, the seller has up to 7 business days to ship out, which is SO long. It’s one of the only downsides to Poshmark. Most sellers ship much sooner – because they do not receive payment until you get the item and approve it. I have only had one bad shipping experience – the seller simply did not ship and wouldn’t respond to messaging. I had to wait 11 days to cancel the order because I ordered on a Friday evening. I always approve my items as soon as they arrive so my buyer will get paid!

It’s really pretty easy to use Poshmark to get designer clothes at cheap prices. The app is really user friendly – they make it TOO easy to shop! I have to reel it in sometimes because I find so many great deals. There are so many more features that I haven’t gone into at the risk of making this blog post super long.

If you’re looking for a particular item to complete your wardrobe, don’t spend a lot of money or settle for a cheaper, less quality item. Chances are you’ll be able to find it on Poshmark!

Curious to try it for yourself? Sign up here and use my referral code SPARKLEPRIESTES  for $5 off your first purchase!

Also – I hope y’all like these pictures from our new town of Louisville, Colorado! It’s a big change from the warm and tropical Cali vibe, right? Our new home is as beautiful as a postcard. The town is charming and it’s surrounded by countryside. Stay tuned for lots of blog post images shot at local destinations around my new town!

Cheers – Rachel

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2 responses to “How to use Poshmark to get designer clothes at cheap prices”

  1. Sarah says:

    Awesome, I’ve heard of the site but want really sure if I want another shopping app. I have several pieces in my closet though that I no longer wear but wanted to sell instead of donate since they are hardly worn and I paid a decent amount for. I’m going to download and give selling a try. Thanks!

    • Rachel says:

      Just make sure the items you sell fit in a standard USPS envelope – if it’s bigger, you have to pay $20 for an extra shipping label which eats up profit. I learned this the hard way!




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