How To Wear Marigold in 2019

How to wear marigold in 2019

Urban Outfitters sweater | Madewell overalls | Rail scarf | Madwell head scarf (similar)

So I’m sure you’ve all heard that the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral – which I think we can all agree is a heck of a lot easier to integrate into your home and wardrobe than bright-ass purple. However, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the color trend I’m personally most excited about for 2019 – Marigold!

Marigold is vibrant golden yellow that’s sunny and cheerful. I personally love warm and vibrant tones so this one will be easy for me to wear in a variety of ways. It seems like warm tones are going to be very hot (ha ha) this next year – along with Marigold and Living Coral, shades of terra cotta, vermillion, orange, and red are also popping up in design trends.

Now, as much as I’m excited personally, I know yellow is a hard color for a lot of people. It’s not really at the top of many people’s must own list. I thought I would share some cool Marigold products to inspire you!

Madewell yellow head scarf

If you want to try the Marigold trend but you don’t necessarily want to commit to an expensive garment or a staple wardrobe piece, accessorizing is the way to go. You can grab this awesome scarf I got at the Nordstrom sale (literally the only thing I bought) on sale for $14 right now! It’s acrylic, not natural fibers, but it’s super soft.

A head scarf like this Madewell one I’m wearing is a great option too. Inexpensive and you can use it in a variety of ways – I also like to tie it to my handbag to be extra fancy. This exact style is sold out but they have a couple of other pretty yellow ones here and here. (The silk one is on sale too!)

Yellow circle handbag

Speaking of handbags, having a bright yellow one sounds pretty awesome! It’s a fun way to wear a bright color without having to commit to a specific piece of clothing. If you take good care of it, you can also sell it on the resale market if you get bored after a season. I’ve got my eyes on this cute one from Anthropologie – not only is the the right shade, it’s also a circle – which is a very trendy shape for handbags right now. (Who knew a shape could trend, but I’m seeing lots of circular handles and motifs right now!)

This one looks great to me because it’s the right size for an everyday crossbody that fits just enough in it. It’s also cute and dressy enough for a more dress event like a brunch, weekend day out or daytime party.

I’m going to keep my eye on it and see if it goes on sale before spring!

Marigold yellow off the shoulder topI’m definitely going to add at least one Marigold blouse to my spring wardrobe. I’ll probably sew my own, but this adorable peasant blouse from H&M is my inspiration!

I think this would look super cute tucked into high waisted jeans or a midi skirt. Or under my favorite overalls! This style from Target is also adorable – I like the buttons and the tie front.

Inexpensive tops are a great way to go if you feel pretty decent about Marigold – but If you’re a HUGE fan of yellow and you want to go all in…

You should rock a coat! I’m pretty excited about this idea but I don’t know if I’ll have time to sew a bright yellow coat this winter. So I’ve been peeping some yellow coat options to buy….

I’m obsessed with with both of these!!! This yellow floral print raincoat is only $40 so I feel completely justified in ordering it. :3 After all, I’m going to need more outerwear in Colorado. And how great is the styling on the beautiful gold wool blend duffle coat? Ugh it’s perfect. At $270 it’s more of an investment, but for a good coat that’s not too bad at all.

I did find some MUCH cheaper yellow coats from Mango and other fast fashion brands, but I’m not a fan of fast fashion, and they were all 100% Polyester or Acrylic – why even bother to get a coat in a cheap synthetic fabric? I’m not linking because I do not recommend crappy fast fashion coats, sorry folks.

If you’re even bolder, you can opt for some deep gold slacks like these beauties right here!

Now these are from ASOS and they are 100% poly, but I feel less strongly about buying cheaper garments if they don’t need to last and keep out the weather. These are only $27 and the styling is awesome. The model is wearing them with Cons, but I think they would look amazing styled with high heeled ankle booties and a cropped navy blazer. These totally remind me of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel -I’m obsessed with her wardrobe! We just finished season 2 and her cigarette pants collection had me drooling.

I’m definitely going to pull inspiration from these and make myself a pair of high waisted slacks – hopefully I can source some beautiful gold lightweight wool crepe for them.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to try out trends – so don’t feel like you need to break the bank.

If you’re on a spending freeze or a budget but you want to try out the Marigold trend, don’t hesitate to hit up the thrift store. There’s untold treasures to be had in the dusty depths of Goodwill! Try looking for tops, dresses, or maybe even an awesome yellow coat! That would be a real treasure hunt item – I’m tempted to see if I can find one this weekend. You should also check the jewelry, bags and belts for items to give you a pop of yellow. You could also just grab some fabric dye and make over an item you already own for less than $5. Or, grab a yellow nail polish at Target for even less commitment!

However you make it work, I hope you’re a excited about the Marigold trend for 2019 as I am. What do you think? Love it or totally hate it? Let me know in comments!

Cheers – Rachel




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