My first SheIn order – will it be a fast fashion pass or fail?

The first time I saw a SheIn ad, I was browsing Pinterest. A beautiful collection of embroidered tops laid out in a grid pattern caught my eye. I clicked through, only to land on the home page of a brand I’d never heard of before. My tops were nowhere to be seen, but instead I saw a vast array of different clothing styles. I passed the brand off as cheap fast fashion and clicked away.

Fast forward a couple of years, and SheIn is all over Instagram. Now, I know all the secret poses, filters and photoshop that can make the crappiest quality outfit look incredible on Instagram. I’ve done my research and I know that SheIn is a Chinese fast fashion brand – they churn out tons of styles constantly and their prices are dirt cheap. I wish I had access to this type of online shopping when I was young and poor!

I don’t habitually shop fast fashion, but I’m not against picking up some trendy seasonal pieces from H&M or Forever 21. I’m certainly not going to spend time sewing something that might go out of style in a year – so if I want to try a flashy trend, I’ll go for a cheaper option.

I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews of SheIn. But I’ve also seen some super cute pieces from them pop up over and over in some of my favorite fashion blogger’s feeds. So I decided to give it a try and order some sale items to try out!

Spring is finally here and I wanted some new tops, so I picked up two tops, two bodysuits, and a dress. What’s the verdict? Mixed but overall better than expected! Read on for details!

First of all, let’s address sizing. Since SheIn is an Asian brand, they tend to run small. I’m not a small woman – I am about 5’9 and curvy, with broad shoulders and hips. So I decided to use the measurement guide for each item as opposed to picking a standard size. I got 3 medium and 2 large items based on the sizing guides. This seems to be a good method because I’m very happy with the fit overall.

Item #1 – Black fringe tank top dress – size Medium

I got this dress because it was gothy, hipster, and shows a lot of side boob in the picture online. Exactly my perfect kind of summer dress! This is my least favorite item, sadly. I love the styling of it and it looks great in photos. Unfortunately, It is made of very cheap and thin fabric that I just hate. I know what nice jersey knit fabric feels like and this makes me sad to wear. The fit is a little bit baggy and shapeless too. This will end up being a Burning Man dress or possibly a beach cover up.

SheIn clothing review black fringe dress
SheIn clothing review black fringe dress

Item #2 – Red sweetheart neckline top – size Large

This top is pretty impressive! I was skeptical about how well the bust would work – I’ve had surplice tops that sat in weird places before. I was pleasantly surprised! The fit is really nice and I like that it has a zipper up the back. This neckline is extremely flattering to a large bust. The large fits perfectly. I don’t have a lot of red in my wardrobe and I’m feeling this color right now – and the long sleeves make this a nice transition top for chilly spring days in Colorado.

SheIn clothing review red sweetheart top

Item #3 – Maroon deep V neck bodysuit – size Medium

I got this bodysuit because it’s sexy as hell and shows a lot of cleavage. I don’t have that many super sexy tops right now and I want one for parties and festivals! Bodysuits are the actual best because they don’t come untucked – they are so convenient to wear. And I can totally wear this as a whole outfit at Burning Man! This top is VERY low cut but it stays in place perfectly. I wore this to Denver Fashion Week’s insiders party with a tweed midi pencil skirt and I felt like a goddess. The fabric is a very nice and soft micro fiber suede – making the ruffle perfect for cleaning glasses or cell phone smudges. Haha!

SheIn review plunge bodysuit
SheIn review plunge bodysuit

Item #4 – Pink ruffle sleeved bodysuit – size Large

This bodysuit caught my eye – the pale pink and ruffled sleeves are perfect for spring. One problem I have with bodysuits sometimes is that they are too short – I am a bit taller than average so they tend to ride up. This one doesn’t – it fits very well! Probably because it’s a large. It fits great in the bust and is just slightly loose in the waist – but looks perfect on. This one is definitely going to get a heavy rotation in the next few months!

SheIn bodysuit review
SheIn bodysuit review

Item #5 – Orange crop top with off-the-shoulder sleeves – size Medium

I saved the best for last. This orange top is my favorite pieces! I love the way it fits – its so flattering. I didn’t know if the tube top section would have enough coverage, but it looks great. The fabric is kind of cheap, and the serging threads weren’t trimmed – it’s definitely a fast fashion garment. But the color and fit make up for it. I’m probably going to keep this until it falls apart – hopefully that won’t be too soon!

SheIn blouse review
SheIn blouse review

Overall I’m really pleased with my SheIn purchases! While they are definitely fast fashion, the styling and fit is pretty spot on. I’m going to get plenty of use out of these tops this spring – and even the dress isn’t a total loss, I’m always looking for stuff to take to Burning Man.

While I won’t be ordering my whole wardrobe from SheIn, I do like what I purchased and I’ll order from them again at some point. I probably won’t every buy anything substantial like a jacket or jeans – I like to buy nicer pieces for items that I want to keep for years. However, blouses and tees are something I like to switch up with the trends. I’d also like to check out the swimwear – they have some pretty hot styles!

I’d love to hear about your SheIn experience – have you ordered from them before? Was it a hit or a miss? Let me know in comments!

SheIn blouse review
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  1. I like that you love color. If I could I would not own a set of matching dishes; I would have 8 different patterns for place settings. Maybe I’ll work on that now knowing that being flamboyant with color is in the “normal”range! I enjoy your blogs and I think it’s great that young women (I’m 60, so yes, you’re a young girl) embrace cosmetics and facial preservation products. I was afraid that these practices were getting to be a thing of the past. Now, don’t change! God bless.

    • Rachel says:

      Hello Marcia! You know, I have been in love with the mismatched place setting idea too! I am going to look at thrift stores for really interesting dishes to mix and match. My whole family is very liberal with color, so I learned from them! My grandma painter her living room spring green when I was young and I loved it. <3 Thank you so much for your kind words! I love cosmetics and all kinds of beauty products - I am sad I missed the days of glamorous department store cosmetic floors from the 50's - but I do think that beauty is still a very strong industry. Have a lovely day!




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