My future’s as bright as my hair – Keracolor Rose Gold Color + Clenditioner review

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner Rose Gold review

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As my friends and family will attest, I love dying my hair different colors – frequently. It’s a lot easier with short hair, but it still takes a toll on the health of my hair. True story – my latest super short chop was done as an emergency remedy to me frying the crap out of my hair by over-bleaching it. My good friend recently graduated cosmetology school and he received a text from me asking how much he loved me. Luckily, he loves me a lot! I drove over to his house after he got out of the salon at 8:00 in the evening. He cut all the melted ends off and gave me an amazing pixie cut – thank you Jimmy!

Happily, even though my hair got trashed, I really love the reddish color I dyed it. I wanted to keep the color fresh without a lot of maintenance, and help it stay moisturized. My original idea was to make my own conditioner with dye in it (It’s pretty easy to do) but I came across Keracolor Color + Clenditioner in Rose Gold and decided to give it a try instead. I’ve been using it for several weeks now, and I’m pretty in love with the results!

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner is not just a color depositing conditioner – it’s a cleansing conditioner too. (That explains the weird name.) So it’s pretty much an all-in-one for cleaning and maintaining dyed hair! It is cruelty free and has no parabens or sulfates – which means it doesn’t lather up as you wash your hair.

Sulfates are the thing that makes soap and shampoo create a lather when you wash – but they also strip and dry your hair – and make your color fade faster too. That’s why they suck!

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner comes in a bunch of shades – 12 to be exact! I chose the Rose Gold because it’s a more muted shade than the pink, red or orange. I really wanted a nuanced shade that wasn’t hot pink or bright red – but a blend of them all, with a muted tone to it. I love rose gold and mauvish pink – and the Rose Gold delivers!

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner Rose Gold Review

I was curious to see how much actual pigment the Clenditioner would deposit in my hair. I wasn’t sure if it would even make a difference – or if it would just be way too dark. I’m really impressed with it! It definitely maintains my hair color – if I wash my hair without it, it fades – but if I wash my hair twice, it’s a little dark. So I’ve adopted a schedule of every other wash, and that seems to do a perfect job of giving me rose-goldish hair.

The Clenditioner does make my hair nice and soft – however, since my hair is SO damaged I use a deep conditioner on my alternate wash. I think if my hair was normal, this would do a perfect job of keeping it conditioned on it’s own.

The only drawback to a product like Keracolor Color + Clenditioner is that it only works on pre lightened or blondish hair – if you hair is darker brown or black, it won’t show up. This is because it’s simply depositing color onto your hair, not lightening it like a permanent dye. I describe it like this – the direct dye is like a marker. If you color on white paper, it’s rich and vibrant. If you color on black paper, you can’t see it at all.

The Color +Clenditioner creates a pretty dramatic effect on my hair, because it’s already bleached so light. If you have darker, natural blonde hair, it would create a beautifully subtle rose gold color. The beauty of this product is that it’s no commitment color – if you wash your hair several times, it just fades out, leaving your hair looking like it did before.

Another great bonus is that it doesn’t stain my hands, tub or towels like conditioner and dye mixed together does. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have permanently stained towels and cuticles from hair dye! It’s a hard life, I tell ya.

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner Rose Gold

So to recap – Keracolor Color + Clenditioner

  • Cleans and conditions your hair, while depositing color at the same time
  • Is cruelty free, sulfate free, and paraben free
  • Available on Amazon for $20
  • Comes in 12 colors
  • Works on pre-lightened or blonde hair
  • Isn’t permanent
  • Doesn’t stain hands, tub or towels

So if you’re looking for a fun change to your natural blonde hair, or if you’re looking to maintain bleached color like me, I think this is a great product! At only around $20 for a bottle it’s a great price too. I’m thinking that I’ll try a different color of it when I inevitably want a change – the teal and orange are both super pretty! What do you think I should do next?

Cheers! – Rachel

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2 responses to “My future’s as bright as my hair – Keracolor Rose Gold Color + Clenditioner review”

  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a great product, I will have to check out their color range for my middle daughter! She has very dark hair but bleached the ends and dies it different colors. She struggles with the color washing out but this sounds like a great solution.

    • Rachel says:

      Yes it’s great for teens! Some parents don’t want to bleach kid’s hair – and upkeep of colors can get time consuming and expensive. This is a great way to go.




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