Our first week living in Louisville, Colorado

Peppercorn in Boulder

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Well folks, today marks our first week of living in Louisville, Colorado! Our decision to move from the Bay Area was influenced by several factors, but affordable housing and less crowding were top of the list. This blog post is going up a little late, because I’ve been fairly busy with all of the regular things that go with settling into a new house and working from home.

This is going to be more of a life update than an informative post. I know several friends and family want to know what we’ve been up to – and I haven’t had the time to shoot and write some of the more informative fashion posts I’ve got planned.

Knit pencil skirt and sneakers outfit

I will go over the details of this outfit, however! I wore this cute and comfy look for an outing to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder with Jeff. He’s never been to Colorado, so we took a few hours on Saturday to go sightseeing without the boys.

Knit pencil skirt and sneakers outfit

I love knit pencil skirts – they are a great mix of dressy but comfortable. This one from Amazon is inexpensive and comes in a bunch of colors!

Add some sneakers and you have a modern look that’s classy and casual. This black suede pair are Adidas Superstars metal toe – I love how interesting and unique they are. The toe is a distressed copper. I got them at the outlet stores in Reno, and I’ve never seen anyone else with a pair!

My cropped chenille sweater is a great wardrobe staple from Urban Outfitters – the V neck is very flattering for large busts. I stole this cute hipster hat from Jeff, and the concho belt is thrifted – it’s real leather with heavy silver medallions, a real steal! This one from Amazon is also real leather, comes in a bunch of styles, and has good reviews.

Living in Louisville, Colorado

The drive from California to Louisville was pretty easy. We went up through California to Las Vegas, and then through Utah. The weather was very nice, except for driving over Vail pass – they had just gotten fresh snow and we had some sketchy moments of low visibility that were pretty scary! After the pass, traffic was slowed to a crawl for quite a while, but at least it was safe. Once we got down out of the mountains it was smooth again. Andreas rode in the car with me, and Gabe rode with Jeff. Dre and I listened to our favorite True Crime podcasts and we had a great time!

Jeff and I decided it would be easiest to get rid of most of our stuff for the move. Jeff has only lived in two places – Rhode Island and California. But my family are nomadic and we are used to leaving everything behind and starting over. We rented an SUV and took only what we could fit in it and our hatchback Civic. Since Jeff is staying in the Bay for work and commuting back and forth, we were able to store our Burning Man supplies and artwork there.

Peppercorn in Boulder Colorado

Our first week

Our first week of living in Louisville, Colorado has been lovely. It looks like a postcard landscape here! Louisville is a small and charming town surrounded by stunning countryside. We have views of the mountains and there is an open space park with walking trails a block away. The downtown is 2 streets lined with adorable shops, restaurants and local businesses – all within walking distance.

And we certainly haven’t traded down when it comes to food. We have gone out to eat at some fantastic local restaurants and coffee shops. One of our favorites is the Moxie Bread Company – a delightfully quaint shop in a victorian style building that probably used to be a house. They bake fresh artisan bread and it is heaven on earth for a Taurus like me! I can not wait to take some outfit photos there to show you all!

Jeff and I also took an aerial yoga class at a beautiful studio called Yoga Hive. We got pretty out of breath due to the altitude change! That did not stop Jeff from going for morning jogs – and he takes them shirtless! He’s into cold training. He got honked at quite a bit, apparently!

Sweater and pencil skirt outfit

Our new home

Our new house is absolutely perfect and it is much bigger than our California house! We are loving all the space. It’s going to be so fun to decorate it with finds from local boutiques and consignment stores – I will definitely post pictures as we go. One thing we don’t have yet is any full length mirrors! You all know that having big mirrors is essential for me. Jeff found some really nice ones online so hopefully we will have them soon and I can take outfit shots!

The week flew by, as there was plenty to do settling in. Jeff had to back to the bay on Sunday, so we snuck away to Boulder on Saturday, as I said. We found a beautiful home good store called Peppercorn that is filled to the brim with every type of fancy home good you could ask for. It is two stories and dangerous to my budget! We admired the beautiful glassware, dishes, and designer silverware – and a vast array of home linens! We restrained ourselves and didn’t rack up a big credit card bill, but we will definitely be going back there. We also checked out some seriously cute boutiques and had a delicious lunch at the West End Tavern.

Louisville is definitely a dream location for us and we couldn’t be happier to move here. We did rent our house and move sight unseen. We chose Louisville to move to based on online photos and reviews – and our adventurous gamble paid off!

Now that we’ve moved and there are so many wonderful local places to explore, I am going to shift this blog to more lifestyle content with a fashion focus. There will still be plenty of fashion tips and recommendations – so don’t worry about that! However, I want to showcase local fashion and write about personal style from the context of my beautiful new home. What do you think? Are y’all interested in more lifestyle focused content mixed in? Let me know in comments!

Cheers, Rachel




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