Starting 2019 off with a bang – what I’ve been up to in Colorado

Gorgeous geometric murals in RiNo district of Denver

Hey there fam! It’s now mid-way through March – how did that happen?? I’ve been keeping myself super busy these past few months, and I thought I would give everyone an update on what I’ve been doing for my first month and a half in Colorado.

To be honest, I can’t believe it’s only been that long! I really hit the ground running when I got here. It was one of my major goals to start networking and get involved with the fashion industry here, and boy have I done that.

Since I’ve started working with the FashionEco team, I have been attending fashion events professionally – such as the FGI Denver meetup last month, as well as the Fashion Denver happy hour. Running the social media for FashionEco means that I’m interacting with lots of local models, designers, photographers and other creatives in the fashion industry too!

Do you like my faux shearling jacket? I made it

In fact, myself and the two co-founders, Morgan and Ahmad went to New York this weekend to attend the International Beauty Show. We had an amazing (and tiring!) time walking the show and checking out all of the talent in the hair and makeup industries. Even though I’m not a professional stylist or MUA, I love doing those things on myself. I had a great time watching several hair cutting, extension, and dyeing demonstrations. You can check out my Instagram story highlights or the FashionEco instagram for videos of the event!

We did a lot of networking – but we also had some fun! We went by Mood fabrics (of course!!) and I got a beautiful knit to make a new dress with. I’ll post pics when it’s finished. We also met some amazing new makeup artist and hairdresser friends while we were there! I absolutely love being in the fashion and beauty industry – they are my tribe.

On the last day in New York, we decided not to work, but to go to the Museum of Modern Art instead. Such a good choice! They had a very cool exhibit on innovative home goods design from the 50’s – with lots of textiles! I got some great inspiration from them. They also have a nice selection of classics – some Picasso, Van Gogh, (Starry Night!) A Klimpt, Seurat, Pollock, and many more. Seeing this famous artwork in person is so much more incredible than seeing them reproduced on print or digital media.

I have also been making connections that aren’t work related. Right before I left for NY I had a blogger date with my friend Adeea, AKA the Trendy Socialite! We had lunch and took photos for each other around RiNo – she snapped all of these gorgeous photos for me. Hanging out with other boss ladies who blog is amazing. I hope we can expand our lunch date to include a few more of the cool ladies I met at the Bella Magari launch party.

I got to hang out with my old employers as well – I used to sew bespoke clothing for a local design house when I lived here before. Jess and Lianna own a custom clothing company with a few different branches – A.J. Machete, which does menswear and Vigilante Labs, which does women’s wear. When I worked with them we all worked together in their Victorian cottage – but now they have a big studio space crammed full of fabric, sewing machines, samples, and works in progress!

What I've been up to in Colorado - SparklePriestess fashion blog

One of the absolute best things about moving back to Colorado is that I get to hang out with my sister more! In February we got to check out the Dior exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. This retrospective exhibit showcased Dior designs from the original collection all the way through the various designers who have led the design house until current times. I’m so glad we went – it closes in just a few days! The exhibit was just breathtaking – the artistry of the garment is incredible! Seeing couture in person is unbeatable. We were completely worn out and hungry after seeing everything, just from being so excited! My only gripe is that they didn’t let us touch the clothing, haha!

One of my favorite parts of the show was seeing the fashion illustrations, rough sketches, and textile swatches used in the design process. Having the ability to see the entire process from concept to completion is very inspiring.

I wish I could say I had a favorite out of the exhibit but that’s impossible to assess. There was so much variety and each one was so beautiful. I love the old, classic designs from the first Dior collection as much as the Avante Garde ones by Saint Laurent.

Now that I’m home from New York, I’m not slowing down any. I have a number of people I want to connect with for various projects – and Fashion Week is coming up. I’ll be working and attending several of the events. Not to mention, FashionEco is hosting our very own Fashion Week event! So I will be quite busy planning that, in addition to my other client work.

But as they say, YOLO! I’d rather be doing the things I love than bored and well rested… for a while. I will tell you though – I’m definitely looking forward to unplugging at Burning Man this year!

I’ll be sure to update you all on my Fashion Week madness! Keep an eye on my Instagram stories too – that’s where I post a lot of updates on what I’m doing daily.

Cheers! – Rachel




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