Tips for styling your high waisted jeans in 2019

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High waisted jeans are still very popular going into 2019, and why not? They are flattering to the female figure and comfortable too! If you’ve been used to wearing lower rise jeans, styling your high waisted jeans can be a little tricky. So I’ve made a little video to show my tips for styling your high waisted jeans in 2019. If you’re more of a reading person, I’ve listed some great tips below!

Now, I was a low rise jeans fanatic in the 2000’s. I owned the lowest of low jeans! It’s been many years since I owned a pair. I don’t care if they come back as a trend – I’m not jumping on that bandwagon again. It’s higher waisted jeans for me from here on out.

High waisted jeans are a modern vintage look that’s still very on trend, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. I think with the recent push for more women-lead fashion, they are just comfy as hell. They are certainly flattering as long as you get the fit correct! You can find a high waisted style in almost any brand you love – GAP jeans tend to fit me really well, and I have several pairs.

Tips for styling your high waisted jeans in 2019



The best high waisted jeans should make your waist look small and hug your hips and butt. You’re probably going to need to try on some different brands, as not all brand have the same fit. I recommend going to Nordstrom or somewhere similar where you have access to a wide variety. You can also have fun time cruising thrift stores for some great vintage 90’s high waisted jeans.

A couple of things to keep in mind –

Wear a belt

If you have a small waist and larger hips/butt, you might find that your jeans gap a little at the waist. This isn’t uncommon unless you find a brand specifically for women with your shape, or have your jeans custom tailored. If this happens, just wear a belt. I like to wear a belt with all my high waisted jeans to keep everything looking clean – if the jeans have a little stretch they can relax during the day and sag down a bit. Ugh!

Pocket placement

Remember that old SNL skit  from before Mom Jeans were a trend?? Those mom jeans were not cute. Since high waisted jeans are showing off a lot of your butt area, you want to make sure it looks good. Pocket placement is a huge factor in this. Here’s a handy article explaining how to pick jeans with good pocket placement.

Okay, now that we’ve got fit issues covered, let’s talk about styling. The key to styling your tops with your high waisted jeans is proportion.


Like I said before, you are showing off the smallest part of your waist when you wear high waisted jeans. You don’t want to cover that up with your top. There are a few trendy styles for shirts that go well with high waisted jeans.


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, cropped styles are in everywhere. This is because they go great with high waisted styles. An especially popular look is a baggier cropped top with tight bottoms. This look has the added benefit of being very cozy and comfy!


To keep the look right, you can use any of your longer tops with your high waisted jeans. Just employ the tuck method. If your top is close fitting, go ahead and tuck the whole thing. Long sleeved sweaters, turtlenecks, and bodysuits are great for this look.

If your top is of the looser fitting variety, do the front tuck. This is where you simply tuck about 1 hands worth of fabric right in the front, and leave the rest of the shirt out. This looks really cute with a belt, as it showcases the belt buckle. Gucci belt, anyone??


This method has been around since the 90’s – I remember everyone doing this when I was in middle school. Simply tie your shirt up. A tee shirt or a button front shirt works best for this. In the case of a tee shirt, you can tie up the front or the back. You can also leave the knot out, or tuck it under to change up the look. I’ve even seen girls with a longer, looser shirt tuck the front up under their bra for a draped look that’s very cool!


Layering looks are very cute with high waisted jeans. There are a ton of options – a long cardigan, overshirt or trench coat with heeled booties looks very hipster trendy. You can throw on a teddy coat or puffer jacket for a mix of bulky and slim silhouettes. I love wearing a big denim jacket I stole from Jeff over my high waisted jeans and cropped top looks.

There are a ton of ways to style your high waisted jeans – using what you’ve already got in your closet. Pull some of your favorite tops out and try these styling tips in front of the mirror – you’ll find the looks that work best for you.

Are you a high waisted jeans fan? Do you have a certain way you love to style yours? Tried any of these style tips? Let me know in comments!

Cheers – Rachel




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